Person supplying of Online Money Gaming services or OIDAR or Both– Form GST REG-10 and Form GSTR-5A
Updated 9 months back

1.Registration(Form GST REG-10):
a)As per the proposed amendments, person engaged in the supply of Online money gaming are required to identify themselves as being engaged in such supplies in Form GST REG-10. Further, new registrations in respect of such supplies may also be required, for which application may have to be filed in the said FORM GST REG-10 and also the ‘Type of Supply’ may be required to be declared in Row (iia) of the Form GST REG-10 while applying for registration. Existing already registered taxpayers of OIDAR services also would have to amend their registrations by furnishing the said information at Row (iia).

b)As a workaround, it is hereby advised that any person engaged in the supply of Online Money Gaming, who is required to be registered in accordance with the recent amendments, can file their registration application in the existing Form GST REG-10 itself. Along with the said application, such person will also be required to upload a pdf copy of the information furnished in Row 2(iia) of the amended FORM GST REG-10 in the ‘Documents Upload’ section available in the Part -A of Form GST REG-10 (in the enclosed format).

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